Sunday, February 16, 2014

Parshat Vayak'hel, (Exodus 35-1:35-20)-2/16/2014

If I took a day off I would have not “done anything for 9 1/2 years.” But then I can think about all the time I waste everyday. I couldn't write or draw ... and do all the work to bath my spirit. We are told to make offerings to the Lord. It doesn't need our offerings, so the “giving” must be for us. It seems that this is for atonement for the Jews making the golden lamb. Or is the golden lamb just symbolic for all of our bad actions? I suspect so.

When I read that Moses says the Lord says you should give all these things to the temple then I get suspicious. Is Moses making this up so that his temple will be supported? If I were a little more generous with Moses, I might think he made this up because he knew that it is good for people to rest, and it is good for people to give. And even if Moses didn't literally hear G_d, since he is made by G_d, are his words G_d's words? And if G_d is simply our construction for all, then does any of this matter.? The wisdom of a sage is not dependent on the credentials of the sage, but more whether the statement is, in itself, wise. Right?

Is it the children of Israel's guilt that leads them to follow Moses? Are these wise actions for people to do one day a week? I remember in various places I lived where many stores were closed on Sunday. It was always frustrating, but I suppose we got used to it as well. What would a Jew do upon reading this? And why?

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