Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Parshat Tetzaveh, (Exodus 28:31-28:43)-2/4/2014

38. “It shall be upon Aaron's forehead, and Aaron shall bear the iniquity of the holy things that the children of Israel sanctify, for all their holy gifts. It shall be upon his forehead constantly to make them favorable before the Lord.”

This part especially struck me.

Though it is only on Aaron’s forehead literally during a service, it should be on his mind always. What is it that should be on his mind? It is the iniquity (immoral or grossly unfair behavior) of all men. But why should one be responsible for all men? It is because we could always do more. Though we didn't mug a homeless person in the alley, what could we have done to give the homeless man a home, and did we do what we could for the mugger so he would not need to mug. What about me?

What do I blame other people for what I could have changed?

Yes, I could have participated in more things rather than just complained about them. I wrote earlier in another blog about going through a grocery store. Am I thinking of others as they might be in a hurry? Am I trying to get my grocery cart through little openings so I can get out of the store faster? Am I making people's days better or worse? Could I do more?

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