Thursday, February 6, 2014

Parshat Tetzaveh, (Exodus 29:19-29:37)-2/6/2014

A young Jewish student went to his teacher and said he's been through the Torah five times and he wants to move on. His teacher says, but how many times has the Torah been through you?

Thinking is fun. Sometimes I want to do nothing else until I die. Then I think about my neighbor's youngest grandson who is very very sick right now ... and his mom is posting hourly updates on Facebook. And my youngest grandson is having a little (supposedly very little ) medical procedure tomorrow. I asked a question at the temple tonight, related to my question from a few days ago, “is G_d more than that which we call him?” The question tonight was: “is anything more than what we call it?”

Here's the Gutenberg Bible ... the first one printed with movable type. We are so lucky to have it in Austin. Is it more than what we call it?  I'm looking at the semi-circular haze (G_d's shadow?) at the bottom. Who is reading it? Who is it that makes a lighter shadow unlike our darker shadows? 

Rashi refers to “how opposite the azteh he shall remove it” (Lev. 3-9) ... related to the kidneys that give advice. I was interested how the Jews did not buy into the idea that we can tell the future by reading organs, as other cultures believed. We have free will because G_d did not determine our future (which others believe they know from shape of animal organs).  

I visualized “... you shall place it all [bread, oil bread and matzoth wafer] upon Aaron's palms and upon his son's palms, and you shall wave them as a waving before the lord.” 

And best is "you shall sanctify the breast of the waving and the thigh of the uplifting, ... And so it shall remain for Aaron ... as a perpetual allotment from the children of Israel ... "And so it continues and continues. 

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