Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Parshat Pekudei, (Exodus 39:33-39:43)-2/26/14

Supposedly only one person should lift up the Mishkan. But no one could do it, so they took it to Moses, the only one who had done no work on it. It was so heavy that Moses felt that he couldn't lift it up, so he asked G_d how was he supposed to lift it up? G_d says, you try and I will help. So Moses did that, and mysteriously the deed was done. It was the blessing of G_d that made the task possible.

The most miraculous job I've had is raising kids. Though we tried and tried, something appeared to do the important work for us ... completely unexplainable. It is with the blessing, along with tireless work, that things get done.

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  1. G-d did a great job helping the Mosleys with raising their kids.


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