Friday, October 3, 2014

Parshat Bechukotai, 5th Portion (Leviticus 27:16-27:21), May 15, 2014

“And if a man consecrates some of the field of his inherited property to the Lord, the valuation shall be according to its sowing: an area which requires a chomer of barley seeds at fifty silver shekels.” —Leviticus 27:16

This reading has to do with all the variations should one consecrate some of their land. Should one make their land holy (building a temple on the land?), and then decide to take it back, he shall have to pay so much money.

I suppose that he received some benefit from giving some of his field to the Lord. Perhaps it acted as an offering. In order that he would not do this just to get on the good side of the lord, it seems important that there be a consequence if and when he decides to redeem his property.

“Indian giving” seems to be frowned up by the Torah.

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