Saturday, October 11, 2014

Parshat Bamidbar, 6th Portion (Numbers 3:40-3:51), May 23, 2014

God tells Moses to count the babes and then the
parents have to give $ to his son and grandsons. 

Moses is asked to count newborns who are at least one month old. Perhaps babies aren't “really” born until they are one month old because could be premature. I suspect too that if they live for one month, the chances are better that they will be alive for a longer time.

 “So Moses counted every firstborn of Israel, as the Lord had commanded him.” —Numbers 3:42

This reading sounds like people are paying in advance for the temple. I notice my suspicion that stories are being told to get money from the people. So Papa Moses counts the babes and then has their parents give money for each kid to his brother Aaron and his two sons. This is done per G_d. Do we really believe G_d talks to Moses? What is the metaphor? We should contribute to the temple?

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