Friday, May 2, 2014

Parshat Acharei, (Leviticus 17:8-18:5), 4/10/14

One must not do an offering in any place but the Tent of Meeting. If you do so, you'll be cut off from your people. Again, I take this like taking a short cut. Someone lazy might do an offering in their home so they don't have to venture out into the cold. I sometimes would try to straighten a zabaton with my foot. The priest would yell at me.

Jews don't eat blood because the soul of the flesh (life) is in the blood. Blood is life. Maybe the Jews believed that animals have a soul too, which is why the sacred blood would be sprinkled on the horns of the altar. Perhaps people should not eat blood because blood is sacred.

When we trap a wild animal or bird, we shall cover its blood with dust.

Probably the most interesting passage in this parshah for me is that one should not follow the laws of other people.
3. Like the practice of the land of Egypt, in which you dwelled, you shall not do, and like the practice of the land of Canaan, to which I am bringing you, you shall not do, and you shall not follow their statutes.
The Torah continues,
5. You shall observe My statutes and My ordinances, which a man shall do and live by them. I am the Lord.  
I think the Buddhist take on this is that if we follow a law that is not based on experience then we have problems. I think what “the Lord” wants us to do is to be careful.

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