Friday, January 22, 2016

Parshat Korach, 5th Portion, (Numbers 17:16-24), 7/7/2016

We speak of the importance of the first 100 days of a president’s term in office. There is not time to linger when change is desired. Another revolution might ensue.

Staffs are obtained from the houses of each of the chieftains. Aaron’s name is on the staff for Levi house. It is also the kehunah (Cohen) house, but the Lord counts them as one.

God tells them to place the staffs at the Tent of Meeting. One of the staffs will blossom, and that will be the man God chooses. The Lord says he will calm down from the complaining when that happens.

Aaron’s staff blossomed fresh almonds, which are the fastest growing fruit. Again, there is no time to waste. Funny that people only believe miracles. And the miracles need to be magic. The Lord appears to many through miracles. I think either everything is a miracle, or that it is the ordinary where God shines brightest.

At the end of this portion, Moses takes each of these staffs and gave them back to the tribes. Did he give them back their manhood? Besides the phallus quality of a staff, it also makes the leaders taller than their followers.

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