Friday, April 4, 2014

Parshat Tazria, (Leviticus 13:24-13:28), 3/26/14

This parshah is about burns, and separating burns from leprosy. So is this about our internal cleanliness too? Why is this in the Torah and not in a medical book? I read that there weren't doctors then. I suppose that between the priests and common knowledge, most ills were dealt with according to the wisdom of the time.

Again we see phrases “...its appearance is deeper than the skin” the subject is unclean and “ is not lower than the skin” the subject shall be quarantined. This would suggest again that this is about who we are vs. what we look like.

In Judaism, you should always rebuke someone who is not doing the right thing, but never embarrass (which is like killing) them. Wow! What a challenge. The external scabs both humble us, and let others know that we are not G_ds. They invite rebuking. Wise men appreciate criticism. How did they become that way? Did they listen?

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