Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Parshat Metzora, (Leviticus 14:33-14:53), 4/2/14

I'm curious now to reexplore dualism in relation to the many dualisms in Judaism, like clean/not clean and good (Jews)/bad (Pharaoh). Kosho (Zen teacher) says that we are wired with a discriminating mind, but that Buddha said we can go beyond that.

Michelle, my acupuncturist, says that she just celebrates freedom on Passover. Is there freedom without slavery? Is there life without death? Are rocks and other inorganic things not living because they don't have a birth/death cycle? Why do Buddhists say that there is no birth and no death?

“And he shall look at the lesion. Now, [if] the lesion in the walls of the house consists of dark green or dark red sunken looking stains, appearing as if deeper than the wall, sunken-looking stains: sunken in their appearance 38. then the kohen shall go out of the house to the entrance of the house, and he shall quarantine the house for seven days.”

I read that the Egyptians had hid money in the houses, so some wanted the houses condemned so that they could be torn down and the money could be found. Crazy?

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