Monday, January 27, 2014

Parshat Terumah, (Exodus 25:17-25:30)-1/27/2014

More detail on the attention of the arc and its cover. And G_d will talk to them from on top of the arc. But Rabbi Gordon said that God will also speak to us from a doorway ... which I don't find in the text.

The detail again reminds me of the attention to the Tabernacle. One could see G_d as very egotistical, surprised that he'd care about such ornaments. But I want to believe that he/she/it knows that the depth of his people's faith will be enhanced by the care they give to the construction. This is not done to please G_d in the sense of pleasing a man, but rather, thinking of G_d in all of us, that the construction makes us all part of G_d. By paying the utmost attention to detail, we pay attention to our ability to connect and celebrate our connection with all things.

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