Sunday, September 28, 2014

Parshat Behar, 7th Portion (Leviticus 25:47-26:2), May 10, 2014

This reading is in two parts.

In the first part we learn how to redeem a destitute brother from a “resident non Jew” (or “alien” as the Reform Torah calls them).

In the second part, Chapter 26 of Leviticus, we hear again about not making idols, statutes, or monuments...or even a stone to prostrate yourself.

The commentary says this is addressed to the destitute Jew who is now owned by a non Jew. The Jew is not to imitate the non Jew.

And you are not to prostrate yourself anywhere but in the Holy Temple.

This ends with the repeated message of keeping My Sabbaths and fearing My Sanctuary. At this moment, it seems like G_d is a control freak.


  1. What is disturbing to me is that the temple tower resembles a cross (you should pardon the expression) between a phallus and a fist, both of which describe the Old Testament God herein perfectly.

  2. Actually Judaism is not about, for me, idolizing G_d. That character in the Torah is not one to follow, but rather one to help us look at ourselves and see how we react. What you saw as a temple tower I saw as a tree. The two men were doing what they weren't supposed to do.


Thanks for commenting. One cannot study the Torah alone.