Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Parshat Behar, 3rd Portion (Leviticus 25:19-25:24), May 6, 2014

In Buddhism, we talk about attachment as being one of three poisons. No sooner do be have something, be it land or a wife, we worry that we will lose it. The worry causes us to suffer, not enjoying what we have.

The Torah tells us not to plant on the seventh year, for G_d will take care of us. It teaches us to save, and also that we must not work, work, work, but rather have time for contemplation. And as we need to rest, so does G_d.

“Therefore, throughout the land of your possession, you shall give redemption for the land.” —Leviticus 25:24

Another passage says that we can buy land, but that land should not be sold permanently, but rather can be redeemed by the original owner. How this would change our world! The Indians would redeem Manhattan and all their problems would be solved.

The reading points out that we really don't "own" the land, for it belongs to Me.

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