Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Parashat Emor, (Leviticus 22:17-33), 4/29/14

Artists are often asked to donate works for charity. There is a temptation to not give your best works, but rather works you could never sell. This reading says, “Any [animal] that has a blemish, you shall not offer up, for it will not be favorable for you.” —Leviticus 22:20

There seems like an element of “payback” here where the Lord reminds the Jews that he took them out of the land of Egypt. Is this the parent asking for payback from the kid because they slaved away for him/her? Or is it to remind us that we are not an island. That we are possible because of a long chain of events, as our actions do and will continue to give others freedom?

“You shall not desecrate My Holy Name.” —Leviticus 22:32

I have trouble with the idea that G_d would say this. Or that he would be the one insulted. Maybe this is about us losing connection with the infinite? Perhaps G_d says this for us, not for him

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